B2C Sales & Services

With this part of our services we can offer the listing of products, sales activities and fulfillment for brands that want to sell directly to end-users, but do not have access to the local market or are not able to hire personnel for these areas to sell the items they offer.

We offer the local listing of products at major online marketplaces and take care of the sales and fulfillment of orders from these partners. This includes translations if necessary. We can also take care of the returns and support. If local stock is needed or requested we can discuss all possibilities doing so.

Our own webshop for Dutch end-users:
Voor advies en verkoop aan particulieren, klik op het onderstaande logo. Op de website van Touch-Store.nl, een handelsnaam van C.I.O. Wekx, vindt u verdere informatie betreffende advisering en verkoop van producten en diensten rondom computers, computer accessoires, tablets, smartphones en accessoires en consumenten electronica. En uiteraard alles wat daarbij behoort, van (thuis)netwerk optimalisatie en aanleg tot  advies op basis van een wensenlijst.