Sales agency

Think Global – Act Local

C.I.O. Wekx holds a track record when it comes to finding motivated business partners in Europe. We help our partners increase brand awareness and visibility of their products and services. However there always needs tob e a willingness to invest from both sides to make work and thus creating a long term partnership.

Sales agents play an important role increasing a company´s visibility and stimulating sales. Depending on many internal and external factors sales agents maintain a daily contact with buyers and consumers, collect purchase orders, manage deliveries and support resellers with their marketing.  Sometimes it is even better to work with a sales agent that can also perform logistic services instead of using a local distributor. In some European countries this is a first way opening up the market for the brand and/or product and keep the costs low.

Large distributors, Retailers and e-Tailers may seem enthusiastic to add products to their offering but from experience C.I.O. Wekx knows they will not actively promote the brand and its products, they only offer tools. These partners will focus on the brands that bring them the turnover, which not necessarily always means also good profit. This often comes from the smaller brands they can offer together with their main (A-)brands. New brands and products always need to prove its success. C.I.O. Wekx actively supports searching, finding, contacting and finalizing these partners.

Smaller brands seek ways to grow its business with innovative products. With the current market and situation this however gets harder every day. Opening new markets also implicates adaptation to his market in language, web presence, packaging, PR and sometimes also product or even opening B2C sales channels directly.

C.I.O. Wekx helps identifying these markets, main players and contacts. Local sales agents and representatives understand local cultures and help you grow your business. C.I.O. Wekx can support clients with different languages, technical realisation in many forms to be able to adapt, local web presence, marketing and PR. Sometimes the knowledge is present within C.I.O. Wekx due to the wide knowledge, sometimes C.I.O. Wekx sales agency uses established partners in order to do so and offer the necessary service.

As manufacturers opening new markets mostly have small budgets, C.I.O. Wekx supports these manufacturers creatively to achieve success with as little invest as possible, to keep the budgets set by the manufacturer. However listing products will just not be enough, so investing is necessary to make it work.

Based on our experience and business relationship with distributors, retailers and e-tailers, our established personal contacts, local knowledge of regulations and a successful approach we find successful partners in almost each country you wish to expand your business into.

Contact us to discuss your business plans. We gladly share our knowledge and effectively expand your target markets.