Sales Agency
Through the experience and contacts of Bart Wekx, C.I.O. Wekx offers an extensive package of sales related services in ICT, Computer accessories and Consumer Electronics with main focus on the European markets. Amongst the contacts are European Distribution partners and wholesalers, Retailers and e-Tailers. The sales services offered are aimed in getting a sound basis of sales in a market with the potential to grow by selecting the best possible partners for the brand or customer.

Offering localized Marketing support in selecting the best way to promote the brand or customers products. Besides that aiding in creating a good product marketing position of the products offered.

Public Relations
Offering localized public relations (PR) support either through the contacts of C.I.O. Wekx or with help of partners specializing in the field of public relations. Besides that C.I.O. Wekx can help in creating press releases of the customer and new products launched.

Due to the wide technical knowledge of ICT and computer accessories and consumer electronics, local markets and language skills of C.I.O. Wekx, it can offer translations of short and/or complete technical manuals, quick start guides, press releases, product datasheets, marketing texts and related sales documents into Dutch, German and English. Also conception of a completely new text and pictures for these purposes is an option that can be offered.

C.I.O. Wekx can offer basic technical support itself or through partners for customers that lack localized support for channel customers or end-users.

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