Smits Interieurs BV

Smits Interieurs BV
07-2013 – now

Smits Interiors Venlo manufactures for more than 60 years high quality springs and spring units for furniture , mattresses and [vintage} car interiors. Smits Interiors thus forms the basis for many years of sitting and sleeping comfort . Many large furniture factories and mattress brands have been making use for a great number of years of the handmade work interiors / spring units and complete mattresses from Smits Interiors Venlo . Many products also find their way to the craft of furniture upholsterer . Even in times when everyone saves on costs Smits Interiors Venlo does not compromise on quality , many manufacturers nowadays choose to use cheaper foam products on their furniture and mattresses which logically never can offer the same sitting and lying quality as furniture seats and mattresses that , where possible , are made with spring interiors on the inside.
Are you looking for a new , affordable mattress , box spring or a complete bed? Want to replace your beds in your B and B or your hotel?

Take advantage now as consumer, retailer or entrepreneur  to buy directly from our factory in Holland. Our knowledge and craftsmanship is your biggest advantage when it comes to making the right choice on comfort!
Whether it is a standard mattress , custom-made mattresses , mattresses for your RV or boat or a complete upholstered bed with adjustable , heated floor with massage units , hotel beds , box springs , etc.. Smits Interiors delivers on all parts expertly crafted products . After all, it at Smits Interiors it is literally all about the content because that is what matters!

Our role:
C.I.O. Wekx’s work for Smits Interieurs consisted out of the technical realisation of its new website based on WordPress. It also included the search and implementation of suitable themes and plugins (e.g. SEO, Multi language, newsletters, custom coding etc.) as well as the website structure and creation of pages and content, in close cooperation with the customer. 

At this point the project only consists out of maintenance and technical window for feedback. The customer, who has only little computer knowledge, is now able to create his own news messages and newsletters to keep the site up to date. Future steps in this project could be the creation of a webshop.

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