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ultron AG
01-01-2013 – now

ultron AG was founded 2001 in Aachen, Germany and later moved to Alsdorf.  ultron is a successful German manufacturer of high quality products, which facilitate work with the PC, Notebook or Tablet PC. Its products varies from active speakers, soundcards, keyboards, headsets and mice to different interface cards and adapters for the computer. In addition to the “classical” computer products ultron constantly extend its portfolio in order to adapt it to the consumer needs.

Besides quality  much importance is attached to the design and operability of products. In order to bring some variety into the mostly grey  monotony of the computer world, ultron AG offers many products in various colours. Customer preferences and suggestions and market research are seized and taken into consideration during the creation of new products.

Our role:
C.I.O. Wekx’s work for ultron AG consists out of business development and sales of ultron AG owned brands and partner brands in the non-German speaking part of the world, with focus on the European markets. All aspects are covered in the process of building up a market for the represented brands in the area of ICT , Telecom and Consumer Electronics. Customers that are appointed for ultron AG vary from Distributors in this field, value added resellers, retail and e-tail. Offered services vary from customer visits and negotiations in behalf of ultron AG to marketing, service, support and translations for the respective markets. In short: a full service business development package! 

By C.I.O. Wekx represented brands owned by ultron AG:

Brands of ultron AG

About the ultron brands:
ultron is the main brand of  ultron AG. Since 2001 under the brand ultron you will find classical computer accessories like keyboards, mice, headsets etc. but also complete B2B computer systems and gaming desktops under UltraForce. Although there is not a lot of innovation in this field, ultron still believes there are still many new products that can be created to make life, gaming and working on a desktop or notebook of any kind easier.

Since August 2013 TERRATEC brand is part of ultron AG and its second main brand at the same or even higher level internationally as the ultron brand. TERRATEC is a famous brand in the field of sound cards, video editing, TV cards, internetradio, speakers and Appcessories for PC, MAC, Notebook, Tablet and smartphone. As TERRATEC has been added recently and has a high ranking and performance within the international organization it is more or less positioned as a separate brand with its own website:

Boomer by ultron
September 2012 Boomer range of products was launched, with product offerings around mobile sound solutions like Bluetooth speakers and headsets. Boomer carries a complete line-up of high quality speakers and headsets aimed at the mobile era we are currently living in. The range consists out of wireless (Bluetooth & WiFi) mobile and stationary speakers and headsets produced out of high quality materials and an excellent price performance according to German quality standards.

RealPower by ultron
RealPower is an ultron AG brand that carries a complete line-up of high quality power solutions like ATX PSU´s, Server cases and PSU´s and Powerbanks. Focus is  on price performance in all price ranges over the whole assortment. Main items and success is experienced in the range of Mobile batteries or Powerbanks to charge USB powered devices like smartphones, tablets, MP3 Player, Digital camera’s etc. as they call them.

save-E by ultron
The latest addition in 2014 is the category brand save-E aiming at high quality LED lightning and energy saving solutions. From standard LED light bulbs to special light stripes, wireless solutions or App based LED bulbs.

In 2010 the brand UltraForce was added to the portfolio. It offers complete PC gaming systems aimed at the entry, mid and high end gaming market, build from A-Brand gaming components incl. support. International support is still under development as the current focus is only on the German market. Upgrade kits from well know 3rd party brands, home and business desktops built from A-Brand components are also part of the offering.

takeMS is an ultron AG brand and well known in the market for their award winning memory solutions. This brand was added to ultron AG 2011. Focus of this brand is on all kinds of memory solutions available in the market. Quality and affordability are key for takeMS. Amongst TakeMS products you can find products in the field of External HDD, USB Flash memory, Flash card memory, SSD Drives and RAM Modules.

Rasurbo has been added early 2013 to the ultron AG brand line-up. Rasurbo is a brand with an expertise in Desktop housing and housing accessories. Amongst Rasurbo products you can find products in the field of Desktop and Gaming housing, Desktop PSU´s and Desktop Fans.

Besides the brands and category names owned by ultron AG we can offer some exclusive partner brands in Europe offering some very interesting products.

Partner brands ultron

Microlab is an American Chinese cooperation of 2 companies with an expertise in sound. Microlab produces quality (material) speaker systems for many A-Brands and of course their own brand. Amongst Microlab products you can find products in the field of mobile speakers, Stereo speakers,  2.1 Speaker systems, 5.1 Speaker systems, Soundbars, wireless (mobile) speakers and many more. Microlab has an exclusive cooperation with ultron AG in many European countries. 
Comparable to brands like Logitech, Trust and Edifier.

OEO is an exclusive ultron AG brand and owned by OEO Design Limited.  OEO products are  focused on mobile PC, smartphone and tablet accessories and appcessories. Innovative in wireless solutions (e.g. BT 4.0), with an eye for price performance.
Original, Easy, Optimized!

Tech Air is a UK brand with an expertise in laptop bags and tablet cases and sleeves.  Amongst Tech Air products you can find products in the field of  Laptop bags & sleeves, Ultrabook bags & sleeves and  iPad & Tablet cases and sleeves. techAir 
has an exclusive cooperation with ultron AG in many European countries.

Sedna is a Hong Kong brand with an expertise in interface cards, wireless technology, networking and USB accessories. Amongst Sedna products you can find products in the field of USB Hubs,  Interface cards, Voip solutions, NAS and Multimedia networking products. Sedna has an exclusive cooperation with ultron AG in Europe.