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International Sales Agent

My name is Bart Wekx and I am the owner of C.I.O. Wekx. Born in 1975 and with over 10 years of sales and marketing experience in the field of international sales of computer accessories, consumer electronics and IT relates solutions (Hardware, software and services), I offer a wide spectrum of service in international sales. My contacts are mainly located in Europe and vary from Wholesalers and Distributors of ICT and Consumer Electronics to Retailers, e-Tailers, Journalists and press agencies and daily offer websites. The customer base include well know retail companies like Media Markt, Saturn, Amazon, redcoon, coolblue, iBood, Dixons, MyCom and many more.

My service offering is not only sales related, but also contains public relations, after sales, translations of (product) marketing and sales related texts like datasheets and press releases in (Dutch, German and English) as well as the conception of such documents. For a complete overview, please check here. Currently  I represent several brands that hired me and my partners to expand their brand in all its aspects (marketing, sales, PR and after sales) outside of their home market.

For my full sales experience, language skills and resume you can check here.

Business to consumer:
Besides B2B sales services we can also offer brands that do not have a local representation the listing, sales, shipping and support at major local market places or own webshop, including stocks, to end-users.

Voor advies en ondersteuning op het gebied van ICT oplossingen, computer accessoires en consumenten electronica aan Nederlandse eindgebruikers graag hier klikken.

Wij zijn o.a. ook verkoop- en affiliatepartner van Bol.com voor onze merken.

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